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Experience hours of painting joy and relaxation when you immerse yourself in paint by numbers.

Unboxing Gifts has the best selection of paint by numbers for adults created from using realistic, high-quality images.

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1. Best Selection of 2018

Unboxing Gifts has the best selection of paint by numbers kits for adults created from realistic, high-quality images.

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No minimum order is required.  Please allow 1-7 days for processing.  Shipping for the United States takes about 12-20 days.  For other countries, see the estimated shipping times table.

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Unboxing Gifts is about rolling out the red carpet for its customers and making you feel special, important, valued and cared for.

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, please send an email to info@unboxinggifts.com or click on that blue "Message Us" button found on the lower left-hand side throughout the site.

You WILL be taken care of.

4. The Return Policy

There is absolutely no time limit when it comes to requesting a refund, replacement or credit.  Also, returns are usually not necessary.  A photo of your issue may be required though.

If you're ever disappointed with how your paint by numbers kits for adults turns out, then a credit or partial credit may be issued.  Refunds are not provided in this kind of situation.

Refunds, replacements and/or credits will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

View the entire return policy for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions | Paint By Numbers Kits For Adults

What is Paint By Numbers?

It is a fun hobby that allows you to paint a wonderful painting without any painting experience whatsoever.

The image of the painting is already outlined on the canvas and different areas are numbered.

You simply paint each numbered area using the container of paint that has the same number.

Check out Wikipedia for some history.

What are the benefits of adults paint by numbers?

It's a great escape from the everyday. Get away from it all.

You'll enjoy many hours of relaxation and painting fun.

You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and feel good after each painting session.

Seeing your work of art on your wall will bring a smile to your face.

What is included in my kit?

Your paint by numbers kit for adults includes an unframed numbered canvas, a black & white line drawing for reference, paintbrushes and numbered containers of acrylic paint.

Most of the canvas sizes are 16"x20" unless otherwise noted.

Why did I receive two different tracking numbers?

Some of your items were shipped separately.

I haven't received my order. Why is it taking so long?

Processing time takes about 1-7 days before your order is shipped out.

The posted shipping times are just an estimate and are not guaranteed.

Postal delays can occur as well as delays going through customs.

Who is responsible for import taxes, customs duties and fees?

The customer, not Unboxing Gifts, is responsible for any import taxes, customs duties and other fees.

Please contact your local customs office for more information.

My canvas is wrinkled. How can I smooth the wrinkles out?

Here are some ideas you can try:-

Sprinkle a little water on the back of your canvas and iron it using the light setting.

- If you want to iron the front, use a barrier such as a shirt or a pillowcase.

- Lay heavy books on top of your paint by numbers canvas overnight.

- Try rolling your canvas along with your other canvases.

- Hang your canvas on a line using clothespins.

- Use a hair dryer on the back of your canvas.

Do I need to stretch my canvas?

It's not necessary, but if you're going to then it's better to do so before you start painting rather than afterward so that you'll avoid damaging your painting.

How should I start painting?

That's the fun part. There are no rules. Start however you want.

Some people like to start from the top and work their way to the bottom to avoid smudges.

You can also avoid smudges by going from left to right if you're right-handed and vice-versa.

Should I paint from light to dark or dark to light?

Try both. Experiment. Learn. Discover if you have a preference.

I painted over the number, but it's still showing. What can I do?

This may happen especially when painting with lighter colors such as yellow and white.

Here are some ideas you can try:

- paint another coat after it dries- put a dab of paint on the number

- use a white acrylic fine point paint pen

- use a white pencil to cover the number

- use a colored pencil that matches your paint color

- use gesso and sand your canvas before painting

How do I get rid of those white spots?

- prep your canvas with one or two coats of clear Gesso and sand between coats

- gesso and underpainting

- try an angled or flat paintbrush to evenly distribute the paint

- paint over a surface such as glass or wood panel, etc.

- add texture medium to the gesso to make it thicker

- add a little water or acrylic extender to acrylic paint that has thickened

What can I do about dried containers of paint?

- Dip your brush in water and mix it with the paint. Add more water as needed.

- Use a palette knife if the paint is really dried up.

- Email info@unboxinggifts.com or click that blue Message Us button on the lower left-hand side. Another set of paints will be sent to you on the house.

* Make sure you keep your paint containers or pods securely closed while not in use to prevent them from drying up.